Our Mission

—Classic cars have always been a passion of ours, and using what we love and live for,  our mission is to create something meaningful and substantial in the lives of others who are underprivileged.


—To link classic car enthusiasts to service providers and
—Provide members and classic/vintage  owners with a platform to show case


Community – Family – Transparency- Diversity

Who we are

Winelands Classics was started on the foundation of family, passion and the opportunity to fuse the cultural heritage and beauty of our Mzansi with the timeless, classic vehicles of the ages. As a local business, we offer our service to all in need of a classy, timeless, and chilled chauffeur driven experience.

What we provide

We provide unique packages all bookable through our website and socialise about it. Our vision is to bridge the gap between classic car enthusiasts and classic service or product providers.

What we strive for

Most importantly, our dream is to use our foundation, passion and values, to help steer resourcing towards successfully developing Community Upliftment Programs (CUP) to aid poverty stricken communities in the Winelands region, through Sport, Religion and Education.”

‘The Service you do for others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.’

– Muhammad Ali


Stanton Clark

Director / Classic Car Enthusiast / Coach / Technologist

Acryzinia Clark

—Director / Classic Car Enthusiast

James September

Chairman / Classic Car Enthusiast